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In order to join Lutheran CORE, a congregation affirms the Lutheran CORE Constitution and subscribes to the Common Confession at a duly authorized congregational or Church Council meeting. An intention to participate in Lutheran CORE can be included in the same statement. A copy of the congregational or council action, signed by the pastor and/or council president on church letterhead, should be sent to Lutheran CORE, P.O. Box 1741 Wausau, WI 54402-1741. A congregation will not be listed as a member of Lutheran CORE unless official notification is received from the church. Some of the more frequently asked questions about Lutheran CORE membership can be found here

Imagine Lutheran churches in more than one church body, one by one, recommitting themselves to the mission and ministry of the Gospel, and working together to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a new generation.

Lutheran CORE (COalition for REnewal) is a coalition of individuals, congregations, renewal movements, church bodies and other Lutheran organizations in North America and beyond that is lifting up such a vision. By covenanting with each other around a shared statement of faith in the Lutheran CORE Constitution, our members seek to bring clarity to the modern Lutheran message, build trust among fellow-workers in Gospel, and move forward together within the Church with a common goal and direction. Through cooperative projects, shared resources, and mutual support, we are committed to communicating an intentional Christian witness that is founded on confessional Lutheran theology and grounded in the authority of the Word of God over all matters of faith and life.

It is the intent of Lutheran CORE to inspire a positive and active Lutheran witness within our present context. Like the mission societies of former generations, we have come together to help each other be faithful in our common calling to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, both at home and abroad.

Here are some opportunities for mission and ministry that the associated congregations might choose to do together:

Church-to-Church Cooperation

Lutheran CORE churches could relate to one another not as competitors but as partners in preaching and teaching the Gospel of our Lord on the same terms, as expressed in the Common Confession. Based on the trust of this common faith perspective, such an association could serve to build two-way relationships between congregations of the same area who could benefit from the resources they have to share. This might include pastoral assistance, office help, mutual educational offerings and so on. All could learn from each other, serve concertedly, and follow the Lord Jesus together in the same direction.

Global and Domestic Mission

Lutheran CORE churches can join together locally to support the mission of Christ through sponsorship missionaries at home and abroad, the development of new mission starts, and making connections with existing mission organizations already doing the work of God across the globe. Ecumenically, confessional Lutherans have many friends and supporters in Canada, Europe, Asia, Indonesia, Africa and beyond that could be fostered through such an association.

Connecting With Ministry Partners

Lutheran CORE can foster and support relationships with the many Lutheran agencies that serve in many specialized ministries. A number of organizations are already seeking closer ties to confessional churches as they work with youth, seniors, the physically and mentally challenged, and engage in ministries of wellness and education throughout the world. Some build on cooperative ministries that exist between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and our brothers and sisters in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. These not-for-profit Lutheran agencies, through their faithful outreach and fiduciary responsibility, have engaged in their mission and ministry in efficient and exciting ways, effectively carrying out work that no single congregation could do alone.

Support for the Call Process

Lutheran CORE will provide a network of contacts in bringing together discerning congregations with biblical and confessional pastors. Congregations seeking qualified candidates will be able to post their openings in a single place, Clergy Connect.

Accessible Teaching

Lutheran CORE congregations can join together in theological reflection and shared learning by sponsoring theological conferences and continuing education events that would be Word-based and relevant to the church of the 21st century and beyond. They could work together to support development of new resources, including Bible studies, website programs, DVDs, or the creation of an interactive sermon preparation site, to name a few examples. WordAlone Ministries provides educational resources for adults and children through Sola Publishing.

Worship Resources

Lutheran CORE congregations could offer mutual support in the area of worship resources in developing materials faithful to our tradition, as well as in providing advice for evaluating materials on the market. For example, association congregations might take a look at the new Lutheran Hymnal for Church and Home being developed by ReClaim Resources. Association congregations could also share recommendations and guidance on the appropriate use of ELCA worship materials.

Pastoral and Theological Education

In order to provide for the next generation of Lutheran pastors and teachers, Lutheran CORE congregations are able to work together to help support the Institute of Lutheran Theology, which grounds students solidly in the Lutheran confessional tradition.