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Triune Name of God

Lutheran CORE confesses the revealed name of the the Holy Trinity and advocates for the use of His name in worship, Christian education, and theological education.


The Diminution of God as Father (And his Holy Pronouns) by Richard Bansemer, Bishop Emeritus of the Virginia Synod

• The Rev. Ronald F. Marshall, Pastor of First Lutheran Church of West Seattle, Wash., has written a critique of the new ELCA hymnal, Inverting John 3:30 – A Critique of Evangelical Lutheran Worship

• Pr. Dan Biles discusses the ELW and the Abuse of Language wherein he states, “The language of worship is far more than just a matter of personal preferences.”

• Pr. Erma Wolf has illustrated some comparisons between the texts for the Psalms in LBW and the “emended” Psalms in ELW.

• Pr. Jim Culver and Pr. Steve King discuss the new ELCA hymnal, ELW.

• Pr. Paul R. Messner’s comparison and review of the new ELCA hymnal, ELW, and the new LCMS hymnal, Lutheran Service Book.

Official ELCA worship with prayers to goddesses: The Sierra Pacific Synod held a “Celebration of Holy Communion with the Rite of Reception” on July 25, 2010 to receive seven practicing homosexuals as ELCA pastors. Three active ELCA bishops participated as worship leaders. The worship bulletin included a prayer addressed to “O Sophia, Wisdom and Mother of us all, you are One with many names and images,” and six forms of the “The Prayer of Jesus,” one of which began “Our Mother who is within us we celebrate your many names.” View the full service and download the printed worship bulletin.