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Breen, Mike and Steve Cockram. Building a Discipling Culture, book and kit from 3D Ministries. 2010.

Haughk, Kenneth C., William J. McKay and Sandra A. Ashby. Spiritual Growth Through Spiritual Gifts: A Christcare Group Exeperience. Stephen Ministry, St. Louis, 2004. This is a group process model to help individuals and groups or teams discover, explore and understand spiritual gifts and what God “calls” each of us to do with them in the church and world. 112 pages. Two attendant booklets accompany this study: Haugk Spiritual Gifts Inventory, a spiritual gifts survey instrument as well as detailed;

Paap, David A. Biblical Equipping: God’s Word in Your World. Stephen Ministry, St. Louis, 1996. An eight step process to be used within a group setting for exploring, and applying scripture to our lives. 116 pages.

Hull, Bill. The Complete Book of Discipleship. NavPress, 2006. An accessible resource or handbook on Christian discipleship. It pulls together into a convenient, easily understood yet comprehensive volume such relevant topics as spiritual growth, transformaton, spiritual disciplines and discipleship in the local church and beyond. It describes the character and competencies of disciples which may form a basis for self/group assessment and accountability. It also includes Barna’s summary of effective discipleship models. Excellent list of resources and index. 346 pages.