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Christian Formation

Some recommended resources:

Welcome to Christ. A series of three booklets and a video published by Augsburg Fortress in 1997 designed to help congregations who are welcoming adults returning to the practice of faith as well as the unbaptized. It can also be used by members who want to renew their commitment to Christ. Together they set forth an apprenticeship in faith model used by the early church called the catechumenate. The booklets include: A Lutheran Introduction to the Catechumenate, A Lutheran Catechetical Guide, a Sponsor’s Guide, and Lutheran Rites for the Catechumenate. It includes a definition and overview of the process, the role and qualities of the catechist and catechumenal team, appropriate methods, resources, blessings and prayers that can be incorporated into the services of the church in order to integrate the process with worship and discipleship. (It is no longer available from the publisher, but one can look online or ask around).

C.S. Lewis. Mere Christianity. Sets out a rational basis for othodox Christianity and a compassionate morality. HarperOne: 2001, 227 pp.

Strobel, Lee. A Case for Christ. Through a series of interviews with biblical scholars, this seasoned journalist investigates whether there is credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God. Zondervan: 1998, 304 pp.

We also recommend the Alpha course as a way to both teach Christian formation and do evangelism in your area.