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Join your friends, family and colleagues in one place for exchange of ideas, information and mutual consolation of the saints! The new Lutheran CORE Official Facebook and Lutheran CORE Group pages are a great place to meet new friends and share information with one another across the nation and world. Click on the blue Facebook logo at the top on the right to go to the Lutheran CORE Facebook page. To go to the Lutheran CORE Facebook group, click here.

Institute of Lutheran Theology 
The Institute of Lutheran Theology is a member of Lutheran Core and offers Lutheran Core congregations and individuals complimentary resources.

Approved ELCA 2011 Constitutional Amendments
Read Secretary Swartling’s Feb. 14, 2011 memo to synodical bishops and secretaries with the ELCA Church Council’s proposed constitutional amendments that make it more difficult for congregations to leave the ELCA. Those amendments are on pp. 20-22 and 30-32 of the attachment to Swartling’s memo (pp. 22-24 and 32-34 in the PDF). The amendments were approved at the Churchwide Assembly on Aug. 15-19, 2011, and immediately went into effect.

Read the Strategy for Discipleship Networking developed by the North American Lutheran Church and Lutheran CORE. The resource describes the way in which discipleship can be fostered in the local parish.

Read Robert Benne on The Trials of American Lutheranism
Read Robert Benne’s paper published in First Things about the history of the conflict in the LCMS in the 1970s and now in the ELCA – The Trials of American Lutheranism: The torments that the two major American Lutheran churches have visited on themselves.”

Help with Scriptural Authority Crisis in the ELCA
Want help in dealing with the crisis in the ELCA concerning the authority of Scripture? Contact Pr. Mark Chavez and check out a timeline of key events in the ELCA’s history that led to the crisis and a companion piece to the timeline, “Brief History of Scriptural Authority Crisis in the ELCA.”

Order the Lutheran CORE Theological Conference Book
Seeking New Directions for Lutheranism: Place your order on the ALPB website. The published papers are 20% longer than the oral presentations at the August conference. The book includes the seven papers, an introduction by Carl Braaten, a preface by Bp. Paull Spring and a glossary.

Congregational Life & Pastoral Support Resources
Lutheran CORE has compiled this list of resources for Christian education, evangelism, discipleship and stewardship as a service to congregations and pastors.

Research Paper Questions “Bound Conscience”
Rev. Lauren Ley has written a paper that questions the ELCA’s new understanding of the “bound conscience” that was approved at the 2009 churchwide assembly. He wrote the paper in response to ELCA’s leaders’ request for a discussion of “bound conscience” after the 2009 assembly. Rev. Ley’s paper is in two parts: Table of contents and an abstract and the Chapters with footnotes. Additional papers on the “bound conscience” are in the ELCA’s Journal of Lutheran Ethics – November 2010 and Winter 2011.

African Lutherans Oppose ELCA Decisions
Lutheran leaders in Africa are speaking out in opposition to the ELCA’s approval of sexual relationships outside of marriage. Read a news report about statements by the President of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus. Read a report about a significant statement from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania affirming Biblical teaching on homosexuality and rejecting the ELCA’s actions and news report about remarks by its Presiding Bishop. Read also a message by African Lutheran leaders in preparation for the Lutheran World Federation assembly in Germany this summer.

More Reading
Theological Implications of the 2009 ELCA Decisions, commissioned and approved by Dr. Gerald B. Kieschnick, President, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

Two Papers by Carl Braaten: “An Open Letter to Mr. Daniel J. Lehmann,” editor of The Lutheran, and his “Random Thoughts on the Crisis of Authority in the ELCA.”

Paul Hinlicky’s reflections on the situation in the ELCA, “In Statu Embarassmentionis

A paper by Pastor Eddy Perez entitled, “A Time to Rebuild.” According to the dictionary, a boundary is the point at which something ends or beyond which it becomes something else. . . .more.

Text of videotaped greeting by Roman Catholic Archbishop Wilton Gregory to the 2009 ELCA Churchwide Assembly.

View the website for the North American Lutheran Church
Read the provisional NALC constitution in English or Spanish. Download an introductory brochure about the NALC – English or Spanish. Order a DVD that introduces the NALC. See also the Vision and Plan for Lutheran CORE and the NALC. Read talking points about the vision. Read the Vision summary in Spanish.