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Tuesday, September 12, 2017 Devotion

  • September 12, 2017 - 12:42 am
  • lutherancore

“Come, behold the works of the Lord, who has wrought desolations in the earth.  He makes wars to cease to the end of the earth; He breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two; He burns the chariots with fire..”  (Psalm 468-9:)

Every war ends and the day will come when there will be no more war.  Times and seasons may come, but the Lord prevails.  Do not put your trust in those who maim and kill, but in the One who created and sustains life.  Know that in the Lord all is good and apart from Him is nothing.  Come to the Lord; taste and see that He is good and provides a hope and future for those who trust in Him.

Lord, I am often conflicted by my circumstances and do not see my way clearly.  Lead me deeper into Your Word to know that only in You is there hope and a future.  Guide me in the way I should go and turn my footsteps in the right direction.  Through all that may come, keep my eyes upon You, the hope and glory for all who trust in You.  May I never turn from You, the Creator of all things.

Lord Jesus, You have come that we may have abundant life.  Keep me from measuring what this means, but help me accept all that You give knowing that You know what is needed.  You will bring all things into submission on Your time, so help me to trust in Your perfect timing in all things.  Grant that I would walk by faith knowing that all things are in Your hands and will work to the glory of the Father.  Amen.


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