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“The Emerging Christian Minority.” Catholic and Evangelical Theology (CCET) conferenceLoyola University in BaltimoreChristian churches find that they are no longer the essential center of American society’s spiritual and moral life. Christian faith and life is now seen, when it is seen at all, as one option among many. Symptomatic of the marginalization of the churches in North America are those cultural issues in which the catholic and evangelical voice is now a minority. Symptomatic also is the rise of the “nones”—the sociological term of art for those whose religion is “none of the above.” We are experiencing in general the emergence of a deeply fissured world that seems strangely, perhaps suddenly, other to our world of not that long ago. It is difficult to see clearly how to understand our present situation, to diagnose how we got here, and perhaps most of all to see how best to proclaim the Gospel and to claim the freedom to do so—in short, how best now to act faithfully.

The 2016 annual conference of the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology will offer significant plenary addresses on these themes, and opportunity for question and discussion, in the context of common Christian prayer. Go to