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Our Purpose and Why We Exist  Our purpose can be summed up in two words – Network and Voice.  As a Network for confessing Lutherans, we support and connect Lutheran individuals and congregations who seek to live in accord with Biblical and confessional teachings and practices. As a Prophetic Voice, we advocate for Biblical authority and confessional fidelity among churches of the Lutheran community.
Our Work and What We Do As a Network for confessing Lutherans and a Voice for Biblical truth, we do the following: Addressing from an orthodox and confessional viewpoint major theological issues confronting the Lutheran community today; Challenging the ELCA to uphold its commitment to honor the bound conscience of those holding to a traditional view of human sexuality and marriage; Advocating for pastors who are not being treated fairly because of their traditional views; Supporting local gatherings of orthodox and Biblically and confessionally faithful pastors and lay people; Supporting Latino and other ethnic ministries at the local level. Rather than holding an annual convocation as in the past, we will be supporting local gatherings, and we will be communicating Biblical truth through our newsletter, mailings, and various forms of social media.
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